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Buying locally is one of the most important things you can do for the environment. Most supermarket food travels at least 1000 miles to reach its destination and importing food contributes to the build up of harmful carbon emissions. In Ibiza approximately 90% of the food is imported. The advent of tourism has seen the majority of farmland abandoned, and local agricultural productivity decline significantly.

Local agriculture has difficulties in competing with intensive production from outside. However, a growing demand for local, quality food and organic products provides new opportunities for farmers. Organic farming is on the rise in Ibiza, with some 10% of farmers growing organic food in 2008.

Where possible, try and eat seasonally and buy locally produced fresh produce.

The Association of Organic Producers of Ibiza and Formentera (APAEEF) has helped get started a cooperative of farmers that supplies local organic produce directly to consumers: EcoFeixes

Amics de la Terra provides updated information about the farms in Ibiza producing organic food, and their contact numbers.  Some of them offer the possibility to deliver a basket of products (“cestas”).

In addition, most grocers sell local produce and it is worth asking and becoming familiar with what is grown in each season.